Healthcare Litigation Support has hired Laurie Passero
as an Expert in healthcare reimbursement, medical care
claims review, HIPAA compliance several times since 2007.


Martin Aisenberg with Healthcare Litigation Support:
“ My firm, Healthcare Litigation Support, provides consultative and expert witness services to attorneys. Laurie has done outstanding work for our attorney-clients, and I would recommend her again without hesitation to any attorney who needs assistance in her field of expertise.” April 21, 2011

Peter George with Healthcare Litigation Support:
“We've used Laurie on several complex cases involving medical billing, determination of appropriate medical costs, and several other medical cost based litigation, and she's proved to be highly competent, extremely easy to work with, and completely reliable. She has become our 'go to' person on all matters involving cost of medical procedures and general matters involving reimbursement for medical services.” December 9, 2010