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Services for Attorneys

Negotiation Services

Medical Case Review Experts negotiation team can assist attorneys by providing expert witness testimony in the event that there is a court case dealing with medical claims. We assist in negotiating the claims on behalf of the clients to help them save money. Medical Case Review Experts have experience working with the insurance industry, cost containment industry and hospital industry.  Our negotiators have experience in representing over 350 insurance carriers in addition to auditing of large insurance carriers such as Blue Cross Blue Shield for the Federal Government to determine if  claims were being processed correctly according to the contract.


Expert Witness Services

Medical Case Review Experts are associates in the medical profession with expertise in claim review who seek to provide expert services to attorney's and their clients.  We serve as liaisons between medical institutions, attorney’s and their clients to negotiate rates or review accounts for expert and rebuttal witness cases regarding the consulting assignment.

We undertake such investigations, document review, studies and research required to consult with clients as an expert witness with respect to Medical Case Review Experts findings.

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